We love to Dance!

Year 1 have been lucky enough today to enjoy a dance session with our dance coach Stacey. We have been moving to the music by listening to the words and acting them out. The children really enjoyed it and can’t wait for next week! Hopefully we will be able to film it when we have practised a bit more so keep checking for a dance update.

The Boy and the Penguin

We have been learning the story of ‘Charlie’s Walk’. Today we changed the characters in the story to match those in our story bank book ‘Lost and Found’. We have innovated the story by changing the chicken and the tiger to become the boy and the penguin. The children have really enjoyed the new story. You can watch it with your child and ask questions about it. See if they can retell our nrew story using the box up.


This term in Science we are looking at materials. The children have been having great fun exploring with materials and their properties. We have been investigating and finding out what different things are made of and today we sorted them into ‘hard’ and ‘soft’. Listen to the song which helps us to remember some of the different materials.

Our Walk


This week we began learning our new story ‘Charlie’s Walk’. It is about a chicken called Charlie who goes for a walk, but… a tiger follows him. We kicked off the week by going on our own walk around school. We went across the playground, around the mobile, past the football pitch, across the field, down the path, through the forest, over the bridge, on the adventure playground and finally back to the classroom. The children had a lovely time and have been writing about it since. We are going to continue to find out about Charlie’s walk next week. Ask your child if they can act out the story and remember where Charlie goes.

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